My New Discovery In Oracle E-Business Login Panel That Allowed To Access For All Employees Information's & In Some cases Passwords At More Than 1000 Companies

Orwa Atyat
4 min readMay 14, 2022

Hay Hunters , Hello Infosec Community

To Introduce My Self

My Name Orwa Atyat Iam Full Time Bug Bounty Hunter As You Know Me On Twitter (GodFather Orwa)
And Hunting On BugCrowd For Full Time With A Current Rank 66th And On P1 Bugs Current Rank 8th

Our Topic Here Is About New Discovery In Oracle E-Business Login Panel That Allowed To Access For All Employees Information’s [Emails , First & Last Name , User Name] & In Some cases Access To Data Base Passwords At More Than 1000 Companies That Used Oracle E-Business Login Panel Service

The Best Part Here It Is Not Common Vulnerability And Exposure (CVE) It Is New Vulnerability Due To This Security Issue, I Was Looking & Test It On Companies Deal With This Panel And It Work 100%

So You Can Check Your Private Programs , Or If You A Customers For Oracle Check Your Panels

As I Reported This And Fixed On About 15 Bounty Programs Like Uber, Amazon, Mastercard , Etc…..

In The Next Section Description & Steps To Reproduce


So I Discovery This Bugs On Oracle E-Business Login That When You Visit Its Like This


The Bug Here That I Can Create And Get Full Login And Access To This Panel

But When You Go To Register here Its Now Working As This Just For Employees

But You Can Register A Account On This End


NOTE: Till Now This A Known Issue My Discovery After Create Account And Login

After I Found This Bug I Made Shodan Dork To Find All Oracle E-Business Login Panels

“X-ORACLE-DMS-ECID” http.title:”Login” 200

Steps To Reproduce For PII:

Visit The Target And Create Account


And Back And Login With Your Credentials On

Move To Manage Proxies
Run Proxy Report
Get Access For All Employees Info
Emails &First name & Last Name & Username
Add For Employees That Start By a For Example In Search And Search
search for a or b or C Etc..
And You Can Search by Username Or First Or Last Name Or Email
And Will Got All Employees Result's

There Is Definitely More But No Need To Dig Deeper

Steps To Reproduce For Passwords:

Note its not In all Panels Enabled

Back To home Page And Check On
Diagnostic Console If You Can Find It Then Ok With This One

Visit Diagnostic Console

Visit SQL===>
In SQL Statements
===>select * from FND_USER===>RUN SQL

Then You Will Get Access For


All Of This Findings Was With Hackerx007 As We Collaborate On All Hunt

I Hope you guys have enjoyed the Reading

and hope you learn and found bugs and tweet by that for me that will make my happy

Stay safe dears